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L'oasis des Ânes a.s.b.l.

The Donkey Oasis

A sanctuary for donkeys

Holstrée 2
    4607 Bombaye/ Belgium

Sanctuary for donkeys authorized under number HK30602748


About us

The Donkey Oasis was founded by a team of volunteers in January 2005 with the purpose of protecting and preserving the donkey.

The sanctuary is meant for donkeys in distress (as a result of f.e. problems with the owner, neglect, abuse, confiscation, etc.). Their wellbeing is our priority.
Many of the donkeys we take in suffer from various ailments and illnesses (wounds, diseases, malnutrition, problems with their hooves and legs, etc.). Often they do not only have physical problems, but also mental and behavioural problems which demand daily care for several months in order for the donkeys to feel better and show normal behaviour.

When the donkey has regained its health, it can be adopted (the NPO will, at all times, remain the owner of all donkeys that are adopted). Some donkeys stay in the sanctuary permanently to live out the latter years of their lives in peace and quiet.

Our donkeys will only be put up for adoption when they are in good health, vaccinated, wormed, micro chipped, trimmed hooves, castrated (in case of stallions) and rehabilitated.


The NPO also provides (future) donkey owners with the proper information to prevent neglect and maltreatment of donkeys. We regularly organise informative (half/full day) seminars about the care and handling of donkeys. A veterinarian and farrier, both donkey specialists, will be present at every seminar.

We support all donkey owners, especially our wonderful adoptive families.



What you can do

The people working at The Donkey Oasis are all volunteers, but maintaining the sanctuary and the donkeys costs money (food, bedding, veterinary costs, laboratory research, worming products, vaccinations, registration and micro chipping). On average, taking in a donkey costs €750,- per year. This is why your financial support is so vital for us to be able to give proper care to the donkeys that we rescue.


There are several things that you can do:

  • Become a sponsor of our organisation by donating €20,- or more. You will receive our newsletter, keeping you informed on the condition of the animals and on the activities taking place in the sanctuary.
  • Become a sponsor of the sanctuary by transferring a minimum of €5,- p/month to our bank account via preauthorized debit.
  • Become a sponsor of one of our donkeys by transferring a minimum of €15,- p/month to our bank account via preauthorized debit.


Every sponsor will receive our newsletter and an additional surprise.

Taxes: we provide a certificate for every donation of a minimum of €40,- per fiscal year.

  • Make a simple donation: no matter how small, every penny counts (either by a transfer to our bank account or by making use of our piggy bank at the sanctuary).



What you can do

  • Become a volunteer by spending some of your time on helping to take care of the donkeys.
  • share our information on social networks




Opening times

The sanctuary is open for visitors from 14.00 hrs till 18.00 hrs on the first Sunday of each month.
Please don’t hesitate to visit our donkeys at the sanctuary.






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